Gin of the Month


The story of this Gin involves a Londoner, Christian Jensen, in Tokyo who came across a superb gin in one of those tiny, tiny bars they do so perfectly there… and his story goes like this:

"Over the ensuing months Christian would stop by this bar regularly to have the same drink. When it came time to return to London, the bar owner gave Christian his last remaining bottle of that gin, which was possibly also the last in the world. When he was back in London, he set about tracking down further bottles of his beloved gin and his search yielded the recipe for it from a public records office. With the help of Charles Maxwell at Thames Distillers, Christian reproduced the gin he had first tasted in Japan and so Jensen’s Bermondsey London Dry Gin was born."

Tasting Notes

Neat: room temperature: gentle on the palette with very integrated botanicals with a hint of juniper etc up front and citrus notes at the end.

We recommend it to be served with Fentiman’s tonic and a sprig of coriander

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