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Sipsmith Gin

Sipsmith was established in London in 2009. The first copper-pot based distillery to start up in London in 189 years, it is one of only four gin distilleries located within London's city limits.

The distillery is situated on a residential street in West London on the site of a former microbrewery, later the offices of beer hunter Michael Jackson. Its still was designed and produced by the German still manufacturers Christian Carl. Named "Prudence", this copper pot still has a capacity of 300 litres (66 imp gal; 79 US gal). "Prudence" is the subject of their iconic swan neck copper still labelling, created alongside their visual identity.

Sipsmith's first two spirits are a Barley Vodka and a London Dry Gin. These are produced in small batches of fewer than 300 bottles, from an English Barley mash that is created off-site. Each batch is made in a traditional manner with three cuts: the Head or foreshot is discarded; the Heart or core of the distillation run is retained; and the Tail or feints is discarded. The Heart of the distillation is diluted to its final bottling strength with Lydwell Spring water, one of the sources of the River Thames in the Cotswolds.

Our Sipsmith is served with Fentiman’s light tonic and a zest of lemon to compliment the picturesque views.

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