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Pink Pepper Gin, quite unsurprisingly, takes its name from the punchy, crunchy pink peppercorn – a berry which is plucked from the Brazilian pepper tree at the height of its ripeness and which lends an exotic, light peppery taste to proceedings.

The gin is made by Miko Abouaf and Ian Spink in Cognac, France. Abouaf– who holds the title of Director of Capers – showed an interest in spirits from an early age, playing with maceration and liqueur recipes at home in Australia, before venturing into distilling at the age of eighteen.

In early 2014 he was joined by Ian Spink – under the title of Director of Doing – who had up until that point been working in the hotel industry. Spink’s holds the ever-so-enviable role of taste tester.

Pink Pepper Gin uses a unique botanical selection too; juniper is of course present, but coriander – the second most used botanical in Gin – is notably absent. There are nine botanicals in all, though only seven are named: juniper, black cardamom, pink peppercorns, cinnamon, honey, vanilla and tonka beans.

To taste, the gin is gorgeous. Complex and curious, the spicy and sweet elements play nicely together. The juniper is slightly herbal and underpins the spirit in a somewhat bossy manner.

Our Pink Pepper Negroni is the ultimate Italian aperitif: Pink Pepper Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari stirred over ice. Simple yet tough to beat

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