Chef's Notes: Flat iron steak

Flat iron steak (US), butlers' steak (UK), or oyster blade steak (Australia and New Zealand) is a cut of steak cut with the grain from the shoulder of the animal. This produces a flavourful cut that is a bit tough because it contains a gristly fascia membrane unless removed.

This cut of steak is from the shoulder of a beef animal. It is located adjacent to the heart of the shoulder clod, under the seven or paddle bone (shoulder blade or scapula). The steak encompasses the infraspinatus muscles of beef, and one may see this displayed in some butcher shops and meat markets as a "top blade" roast.

Our locally sourced Flat Iron Steak we recommend best served medium rare and is accompanied with Chips , Parmesan ,Truffle Aioli , Watercress, Roasted Tomato and a choice of Béarnaise or Peppercorn sauce.

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